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The public will have a sense of who is good in these republicans

I don't deny that I'm not a religious person. But from informal way speaking, my parents and my community teach me, and to the religious and secular, honesty is very important. Therefore, although I still not a religious man on the paper, which is why I find the republican President shilling people uneasy: all three main competitors claim to love Jesus Christ's teachings, yet all three distinct behavior hide those teachings. I know, compassion and kindness and truth is not only the doctrine of the church, but a decent society. These on the quality of the human definition, especially those that religion as the main part of the candidate platform.


This left two marriage, with contemporary Christian the scandal has been born again, but what? He seems to like the same guy, his role is to run out of the speaker of the house of violation of ethics, general arrogance and stunning hypocrisy. RongYuan regeneration should be humble, intelligent and seek salvation. Instead, he carpet bomb the United States, from the poor to the President and all people and pompous between contempt, seems more similar to the leading role of the bad guys dickens than good book.