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Have such a word, love is like as strong as death, there have been a lot of examples to prove that

This sentence, many people have heard of, but I because this is my Alma mater the inscription on bell tower to know. Love is as strong as death. At 16, I immediately suspicious. If love is as strong as death, this is a tie. This means that the best you can be in this life is no more than the most bad things happen in this life: the lost love.


I frankly admitted that this does not let me think of my daughter. Just like every parents including those I just witnessed buried their dead daughter I expect pre dead her. If I do the correct her, she would miss me, but the love of her life and people in the too long time keep the heart. If I did my job, she will be mad at me, because I spent so a few pictures of the us, leave her little shows her own child.