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2013 club option of right-handed pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez

The Cleveland Indians today announced the club has exercised the 2013 club option of right-handed pitcher Ubaldo Jiménez. Also today, the Indians declined the 2013 club options for designated hitter Travis Hafner and right-handed pitcher Roberto Hernandez (formerly Fausto Carmona). 


No, I know the sith Moore not directly to prevent power LinHan (but you can't tell me has allocated salary not factors). But a bigger problem is that he dollar contract is a similar gambling we here. The difference is, with the sith Moore's benefits is his health and he Ubaldo benefit is consistent. Good but many risk/little evidence to support that bet. When we see and the sith Moore, this is the capital loss continuously. Here Jimenez, I think it will be the same (but hope is wrong). I still think Indian people who can't afford to buy 5-6 m bet $of risk/return caliber.