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Thoughs About Sherman Take To NFL Network

I'm not a big fan of media and appreciate that columnists often say things to be provocative.  That's their job. nfl jerseys cheap But I am also not a big fan of these prima donas who claim that the claptrap they spew out of their pie holes is misquoted or taken out of context.  Sure, the provocative stuff makes the actual headlines, but this yahoo was NOT misquoted.  Those words came out of his mouth and he'd be best to own them, not deny them.


Recently, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman caused a stir on Wednesday when he told a Vancouver Sun reporter "half" the league" takes Adderall. Since then cheap seattle seahawks jersey, he has backtracked from that figure and now says he was misquoted.

Although he wasn't exactly misquoted, he was quoted out of context. They made it seem like he was selling out other players, cheap jerseys free shipping when he was actually just pointing out the fact that there a lot of people have prescriptions for it and HAVE to take it. There is no wrong doing here.

But as I concerned that the guy didnt play the fool. he answered straight cheap nfl nike jerseys. and those who earlier said that what he said was distorted in the news reports that followed are right. cud be that lots of guys who dont need adderall make be taking it, but thats not what this guy said. He may be a bad rapper when it comes to sounding off, but this time he's the guy getting a bad rap cheap san francisco 49ers jerseys.