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Ravens Lost Reed But Got Better At That Position.

Texans fans thought theyed be getting thr Ed Reed from yesteryear. Ravens cheap nfl jerseys do what they do best...evaluate talent and send em hikin or sign em. And he still won't be able to tackle this year either.  He hasn't since the 2009 season and his offseason neck cheap jersey issues.  


Love Ed Reed to death, but it was time to let him go in B more.  Matt Elam is going to be a beast for the next 10 years nfl jerseys from china, and we will soon be forgetting about Ed Reed. 


Ed will be there week 1. He probably won't play all 16 games, but it seems every year for the past several, he has some injury he is dealing with that keeps him out or limited through most of the training camp and pre-season schedule. He doesn't strike me as the type of pro who will come back and play if he can't play quality football ravens jersey.